comes from light and feelings. People live in a world of natural
and man-made colors. All surfaces of color are acts of building
up from the world with gestures, sounds, and forms that enter
into our feelings and affect us, leaving a historical sediment
that remains with us. Angkor Color Reliefs are meant to be windows or openings in the
wall which dissolve the confines of the room and open the viewer
to distant vistas of the past of Khmer culture . My Angkor Color Reliefs are layered silk which show the many facets
of the fabric of Cambodia, producing a sparkling surface of mixed
colors which echo and recall the heritage of Angkor. The act of
building the wall of a temple is a metaphor for the continuous
building of society The squares of my fabric repeat this process,
just as each individual square stands as a single frame within
the larger piece. My built color surface is thus based on the
foundations of color necessary for human life. Without color,
people "die".

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