Brian Stotesbery

Brian Stotesbery has been exploring electronically controlled light since the early 1970s. His explorations in neon, incandescent light, lasers and LED's, have produced sculptures that are part machine and part performance. Some have had the ability to be aware of the movements of viewers throughout the gallery and then respond with changing imagery in light.

Recent work uses rapidly sequenced light bulbs and LED's to reproduce motions found all around us. The viewer is left to ponder the experience, as the light, bounces, drips, or swings from side to side, as an expression of movement, physically detached from the familiar object it represents.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brian graduated with a BFA in 1976 from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. He was a founding member of the artist group Midwest Electric Art and has exhibited in the U.S. and Canada.

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