Jiří Černický

Jiří Černický


1993 – 97 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
1990 – 93 Academy of Applied Arts in Prague
1987 – 90 Pedagogical Faculty in Ústí n. Labem
1983 – 87 School of Applied Arts in Jablonec n. Nisou


2006 Bindings, Galerie die Aktualität des Schönen…, Liberec
Pincushions, Galerie Steinek, Vienna
The Gagarin Thing, Vivid Centre for Media Arts, Birmingham
2003 Spirit of the East on the West, Exhibition hall Sokolska 26, Ostrava
2002 Brand New Rubbish, JIRI SVESTKA GALLERY, Prague
2002 “Bin Laden’s Lamp,” Noname Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland
2002 “Au-pair Medusa’s Room,” Lara Vinci gallery, Paris, France
2002 “Brand New Rubbish,” Galerie Jiří Švestka, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague
2002 “Brand New Rubbish,” Gallery 761, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2001 “META Pop,” M. Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2001 “Hard Pop Expo,” Mama Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland
2000 “Jiří Černický,” Czech Front Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2000 “The Luxury of Grief,” Post Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2000 “Bin Laden’s Lamp,” Spala Gallery, Prague, the Czech Republic
1999 “BA ROCK, Alergik,” The Prague City Gallery, Praha
1998 “Jiří Černický,” Academie der Kunste Berlin, Germany
1998 “Gentlemans’s Room,” Centre of Polish Sculpture Oroňsko, Poland
1996 “St Game,” E. Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem, the Czech Republic
1996 MXM Gallery, Prague, the Czech Republic


2006 Giardino – Places for Small Stories, Pan, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli
Hot/Cold? – Summer Loving, The Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
Shadows of Humour – Galerie Avantgarde, Wroclaw, Poland
Zyklus 1.0 Tschechien – Ferne Nähen, Stift Lilienfeld, Austria
EUROPART – contemporary art from Europe, on “Rolling Boards” in Wien and Salzburg
2005 Cultural Domesticacion Instinctual Desire, The Centre for Visual Art, The University of Toledo
Czech Photography of the 20th Century, Prague City Gallery
Prague Biennale 2: Expanded Painting, International Contemporary
Art, Karlin Hall, Prague
Nature´s Mirror, Otowa, Tokyo
Domicile, Musée d´Art Moderne de Saint Etienne
The Giving Person, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naple
2004 I Grandi Magazzini dell ´Arte, Palazzo delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena
E.U. Positive, Akademie Der Künste, Berlin
Turning the Page, KOGART, Budapest
Passage d´Europe, Musée d´Art Moderne de Saint Etienne
Suit Yourself!, Museum for Communication, The Hague
2003 Exhibition on body of Nehad Bogdanovic, Man gallery, Serbia, Yugoslavia
2003 “Balkan Konsulat,” Rotor (Association For Contemporary Art), Graz, Austria
2003 “Aus Liebe – Die Generation der neuziger Jahre aus Prag,” Landes Muzeum Bon, Germany
2003 Praguebiennale 1, “Pheripheries Become The Center,” National Gallery Prague, the Czech
2003 “Elektrobot,” Home gallery, Prague, the Czech Republic
2002 “Art dans la Ville,” Sant Etienne, France
2002 “Fluxus und die folgen,” Wiesbaden, German
2002 The manifestation “September in Rotterdam” Tent Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland
2002 “Tělo,” Museé des beaux-arts de Nancy, Nancy, France
2002 “Junge Akademie,” Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany
2001 “New connection,” National Gallery in Prague, the Czech Republic
2001 “Triennial of Smallscale,” Fellbach, Germany
2001 “A Sence of Wellbeing,” Place of the Imperial Thermal Baths, Karlovy Vary, the Czech
2001 “Close Circuit City,” art interventions to urban space, Zadar, Croatia
2001 “Art against tortures and executions,” Open social Network Art Project
of National Center for Contemporary Art Kaliningrad, Russia
2001 “Young Salon,” Zagreb Fair Building, Zagreb, Croatia
2000 “Bohemian Birds,” Kunst Haus Dresden, Germany
2000 “Male Digital,” Gallery Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia
2000 “East of Eden,” Centre of Culture Poznaň, Poland
2000 “Art in the World 2000,” cuieé du pont Alexandre III, Paris, France
2000 “After the Wall,” Ludwig Museum Budapest, Hungary, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin Germany
2000 “Place and Between,” harbor in Bergen — Norway
2000 “All You Need Is Love,” The Centre of Polish Art Laznia, Gdaňsk, Poland
2002 “Actual Infinity,” The Prague City Gallery, the Czech Republic
2000 “Inner City Pressure,” Roxy Gallery, Prague, the Czech Republic
1999 “After The Wall,” Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
1999 “Against All,” J. Chalupecký Award — Young Visual Art of the 90’s,
Central Exhibitional Manege, Moscow, Russia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kiev, Ukraine
1999 “Fauna,” Gallery of Contemporary Art Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland
1999 “Rondo,” Ludwig Museum Budapest — Museum of Contemporary Art, Hungary
1999 “Flirting With Foreigners,” The Czech Centre, London, Great Britain
1999 “La nature en dix chapitres. Artistes contemporaines tchéques” / “Czech Landscape,
Crac Alsace – France, Karlsruhe – Germany, Rethýmno – Crete
1998 “Black and White,” Club Otok Gallery, Dubrovnik, Croatia
1997 “Geboden umę68, kunstler aus Prag,” The Czech Centre, Berlin, Germany
1996 “The Bienna of Young Artists,” The Prague City Gallery, the Czech Republic
1996 “LęArt – Au Corps,” Marseille, France
1991 “Biennial of Arts Colleges,” Barcelona, Spain


1996 The Soros Prize

1998 The Chalupecký Award


National Gallery Prague Collection
The Prague City Gallery Collection
Museum of Contemporary Miami Collection


Adam Rychard, Prague
Pavel Kneppo, Prague
Thomas Day Newbold, Prague, Washington
Bert-Jan van Egteren, Amsterdam
Santiago Eder, Amsterdam
Kenneth L. Freed, Boston
Habib Kheradyar, Los Angeles
Jürgen Flaskamp
Jerry Speyer, New York

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