Miro Biały

Mirosław (Miro) Biały was born in 1966. He completed the Secondary Fine Arts School in Lublin, and in 1997 graduated from the School of Graphics in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lived for 10 years.

Even as a child, he was interested in painting and since then it has been his life’s passion as well as profession. He travelled extensively to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and arts. During his studies in Copenhagen, he learnt computer graphics and advertising, while also participating in trips to large advertising firms in Denmark, Italy and the United States. Still, painting has always been the favourite. Apart from painting, he has designed posters, sculpted, worked in ceramics and illustrated books. He designed for Amnesty International and the European Union, for non-governmental organisations and private businesses.

Miro Biały’s paintings never fail to surprise with their themes and expression, it is hard to classify his works as representative of a specific trend, but he himself describes them as metaphoric fragmentarism. The protagonists of his pieces are deformed people, with their defects and disabilities, who are yet at the same time beautiful. His paintings are often moving, hurtful, insulting or funny, because they concern us and our emotions.

The artist has exhibited his works around the world, including Denmark, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands. His works can be found in art collections worldwide.

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Alfred s birds

Miro Biały

oil on canvas
Size: 101 x 137 cm Act of a woman looking in the sky. Dreaming.