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b.1919 Zolkiev, Poland (now the Ukraine)

1938/9 Attends the School of Commercial and Fine Art, Lvov.
Nazi invasion of Poland.
Stacha follows his brothers to Perth but soon moves to Melbourne
1941/2 Halpern by now practising as potter and painter.
Yosl Bergner stays with him.
1944/5 Meets Arthur Boyd at Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery, Murrumbeena.
Works at Greenways (commercial pottery) as a mould-maker.
1946/7 Sets up as a full-time potter at Surf Avenue, Beaumaris, selling through Primrose Pottery Shop.
Becomes an Australian citizen.
1948/9 Attends the George Bell School - part time, with Fred Williams, Len French and Hal Peck.
Studies sculpture at R.M.I.T. (evenings) for one term. Contact with the potter H.R. Hughan.
1950 Solo show: Ceramics, sculpture and paintings at Stanley Coe Gallery, Melbourne.
1951 Travels to England where he stays at the Abbey Arts Centre, Barnet, near London,
(a traditional halfway house for Australian artists including Gleeson and Klippel).
Visits art museums in England, Italy, Switzerland and France.
1952 Visits David and Hermia Boyd at their pottery studio, Tourettes-sur-Loup, Provence.
Sam Atyeo and Peter Kaiser also living at Tourettes at this time.
Visits and works in the Vence studio of Francine Delpierre and Albert Diotto, noted potters.
Solo show: Ceramics, Galerie Alphonse Chave, Vence.
Group show: Peintres de Tourette-sur-Loup ,Town Hall November
moves to Paris and establishes studio in the Comtessse de Baruzy's apartment, Rue de Varenne.
1953 Group show: Peintures, Galerie du Haut Pave, Paris. Visits Tourettes in the spring.
Returns to Paris in the autumn and establishes a permanent painting studio near the abattoirs, Rue Maurice Rouvier.
1954 Solo show: Murs, Galerie du Haut Pave, Paris.
Group shows: Paintings, at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Studio Fachetti, Paris. Galerie Prisme, Paris.
1955 Meets Cid Corman, American poet. Arthur Boyd buys Halpern's house in Beaumaris.
Group shows: Les Plus Mauvais Tableaux, Galerie Prisme, Paris.
Phases de l'Art Contemporain, Galerie Creuze, Salle Balzac, Paris.
1956 Summer travel to Corsica. Occupies Atelier Patrice (print workshop) for six months; produces etchings, lithographs and
paintings and installs a kiln.
Group shows: Reflexions a Quatre, Studio Fachetti.
1957 Solo show: Paintings at Basle.
Group shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XII, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
Espaces Imaginaires et Ouvertures sur le Futur, Galerie Kamer, Paris, Galerie Apollinaire, Milan, and Lausanne.
1958 Solo shows: Paintings at Galerie Pascal, Paris; Paintings at Galerie Apollinaire, Milan
Group show: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XIII, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
Caveau des Arts, Lausanne. Lives in Yugoslavia for three months. Moves to Gourney-sur-Marne, near Paris.
1959 Solo show: Galerie Apollinaire, Milan. Group Shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XIV, Musee des Beaux-Arts
de la Ville de Paris. Peintres du Geste, Galerie Pogliana, Rome. Claude Monet et le Naturalisme Abstrait,
Galerie Art Vivant, Paris. Prix Lissone X, Italy. Private contract with Alexander Margulies, British industrialist and art collector.
Establishes studio in a large abandoned chocolate factory, Rue de Verrerie, Paris.
1960 Solo show: Galerie Art Vivant, Paris. Group shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XV, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
Prix Lissone XI, Italy. The Margulies Collection - New paintings from Paris, touring U.K. regional galleries,
sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain.
1961 Solo show: Stanislas Halpern - Dix ans de Peinture, Galerie Breteau, Paris.
Group shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XVI, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris Galerie Jeanne Fillon, Paris.
La Peinture-Peinture a Paris & New York, Galerie Quatre Saisons, Paris, (with Guston, Rothko, Frankenthaler & others).
Cave de la Librarie Anglaise, Paris. Galerie Art Vivant, Paris. Visits London; sees Arthur Boyd and Charles Blackman.
Visits Yugoslavia. In Paris, return visits from Boyd and Blackman.
1962 Solo shows: Formes Contemporaines, Lille. Galerie Birch, Copenhagen. Galerie Blumenthal, Paris.
Group shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XVII, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
Ecole de Paris, Galerie Charpentier, Paris.
Donner a Voir, Galerie Creuze, Paris. Galerie Art Vivant, Paris.
Visits from Arthur Boyd & Len French in Paris.
1963 Group shows: Salon des Realites Nouvelles XVIII, Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
Salon de Mai, Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. IV Biennale Internationale d'Arte, San Marino - wins second prize.
Buys holiday house in Bouzigues, on the Mediterranean coast near Montpellier, and works there for three months.
1964 Salon des Realites Nouvelles XIX, Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Salon de Mai, Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Sells Paris studio. Moves to London, living and working in Shepherds Bush for six months.
Further contact with Boyd, Whiteley & other Australians.
Visits USA (New York, New Jersey and Boston). Returns to Bouzigues; works there for some months.
1965 Moves back to Paris; lives in Montparnasse and paints there and in a studio on the Ile St Louis. Printmaking at Atelier Clot.
Group shows: Galerie Henri Lhong, Toulouse. Portraits, Galerie Sept, Paris.
Les Lithographies Originales des peintres de l'Atelier Clot, Galerie Peintres du Monde, Paris and later Copenhagen.
1966 Returns to Melbourne. Visits Tasmania. Establishes painting and pottery studio at Linacre Road, Hampton
1967-8 Works with Fred Williams on ceramics and with George Baldessin on lithographs. Continues painting.
Group show: Arts Vietnam, Gallery A, Sydney, 1968
1969 Prepares for an exhibition of portraits with Tolarno Gallery.
Dies in Hampton, January 28th.
1970 Stanislaw Halpern - Retrospective Exhibition, National Gallery
of Victoria.
1971 Halpern, Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne; two exhibitions:
one of pottery and one of painting
1986 Stanislaw Halpern, (paintings) Tolarno Galleries.
1989-90 Stacha Halpern - The Return to Australia, Nolan Gallery,
Lanyon, ACT, and touring to regionalgalleries - including Benalla &
1993 Stacha Halpern - Survey, Penrith Regional Gallery, Charles
Nodrum Gallery, Shepparton Arts Centre.
1999 Stacha Halpern - Canvas Paper Clay, Charles Nodrum Gallery
1979 Autumn Exhibition 1979 and Spring Exhibition 1979,
Joseph Brown Gallery, Melbourne.
1991 Modern Australian Paintings, Charles Nodrum Gallery
1998 Art and Furniture of the 1960s, Charles Nodrum Gallery
(excluding articles on ceramics)
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National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Victoria
Queensland Art Gallery
Art Gallery of South Australia
Shepparton Art Gallery

McClelland Art Gallery

Penrith Regional Art Gallery

Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel
Leopold Comte de Lannoy, Belgium
The Alexander Marguiles Collection, UK
Jacques Guerin Editions Gallimard, Paris
Leopold Prinz von Croÿ, Belgium
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Princesse Olga Scherbatow, Belgium
Comte et Comtesse Baruzy, Paris
Private Collection in Australia, Belgium, France, Italy,
the Netherlands, Switzerland,
United Kingdom and USA

Vota: I Like I don't Like

Untitled - Landscape, 1962


oil on canvas, 115.5 x 147.5cmsigned & dated l.l