Phillipa Horan

Dick Jewell, Jewell, viewing by appointment only

Cai Nyahoe towards a dominated strategy
Adam Christensen My heart forgot to leap when you looked at me
Mike Rogers Comfort Zone

Barry Thompson I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now
Phillipa Horan, ism, prism, jism
Dustin Ericksen, Lazy Dustin and Paintings
Dae Hun Kwon, Waiting

Simon Popper, The most, the best, we can do, we believe (wanting to give evidence of love), is to get out of the way, leave space around whomever or whatever it is. But there is no space!
Nicola Durvasula
Think Again (Helene Appel, Juliette Blightman, Ben Cauchi, Adam Christensen,
Cushla Donaldson, James Flower, Michael Fullerton, Richard Gasper, Aki Ilomaki, Stuart MacKenzie, Simon Popper)
Dick Jewell
Ellen Cantor, Dustin Ericksen, Paul Lewis, Sara MacKillop
screening, Joe Walsh, The Work Ahead of Us
Paul Lewis, candymancandymancandymancandymancandyman

Barry Thompson, all that's sacred comes from youth
Dustin Ericksen, Hey
The Acceptance World (Lewis Amar, Bettina Carl, Humberto Duque,
Nicola Durvasula, Claire Hooper, Dick Jewell)
Simon Popper, Two²
Charles Ellis, New Photographs
Lewis Amar, you can shout all you like
Duncan Swann, la rosa dei venti

Andrea Büttner, Tölzblock
Nicola Durvasula
Simon Callery
Barry Thompson
Paul Lewis, shadowing life
Mustafa Hulusi, Mustafa Hulusi too

Ian Davenport, Kaoru Tsunoda
finkish dispositions (Jennifer Bornstein, Chris Cornish, Charles Ellis,
Florent Pinzuti, Barry Thompson)
Mike Rogers
David Hurn, Dae Hun Kwon
Peter Fillingham, The Museum of Christmas
Claire Hooper & Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Karin Ruggaber
Nicola Durvasula, Immo Klink
Chris Cornish, Joe Walsh

Votez : I Like I don't Like

heart wine bag, 2010

Phillipa Horan

UV film, wine, rivets, nails on wood, 134 x 96 cm